The Science Behind AttentionWizard

Unlike eye tracking and mouse tracking, AttentionWizard uses computer simulation and models to replace the need for human subjects interacting with your web page. The results are available instantly.

The computer model used to generate AttentionWizard heatmaps is a composition of several algorithms from neuro-science studies of Natural Vision Processing, Computational Attention, eye-tracking sessions, perception and cognition of humans. The model seeks to answer the simple question:  "What people are looking at?"

The AttentionWizard algorithms combine “bottom-up” visual system building blocks and “top-down” higher cognitive processes such as object recognition.

Bottom-up features considered include:

  • more-pro-heatmapcolor differences
  • contrast
  • density
  • brightness and intensity
  • edges and intersections
  • length and width
  • curves and line orientations

Top-down algorithms recognize:

  • larger letters and text
  • skin texture
  • human faces

See it for yourself

The AttentionWizard model is continuously tested against actual eye tracking studies to ensure accuracy. Attention Wizard results are 75%+ correlated with eye tracking and mouse tracking approaches.




"Using AttentionWizard to diagnose our client's old landing pages have directly influenced the decision to do landing page testing with us. Without showing them a heatmap of their current landing page, we wouldn't have the buy-off needed to go ahead and work with them for testing."

Christian Bullock

"We used AttentionWizard on an existing site just as a benchmark to compare to actual CrazyEgg heatmaps and the results were nearly identical. So now we use Attention Wizard for every mock up we create to test it ahead of time."

-Aaron Hastings
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